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Wether you want to spend a comfortable family holiday here on the Isle of Reichenau in the Lake of Constance, or travel individually with the camper through whole Europe, with our new, flexible and economical campers we have a variety for every request.



Please contact us via e-mail: info@camperdreams.de




We have campers for 1 - 5 persons, details, prices  and pictures you'll find here:

-> Fahrzeuge & Preise

Our vehicles are new / as good as new, with high power Turbo-Diesel motors, air condition, cruise control etc.

All campers are equipped with an awning, a heating, flowing cold and warm water and a lot of stowage. Most of our models have satellite tv.




Our prices are separated in 3 seasons, you can see the details here: -> Fahrzeuge & Preise


Additional equipment

We also have some additional equipment to rent / buy: -> Zubuchbar

Bicyle carrier, navigation system, motorcycle carrier, camping chairs and table, grill, microwafe, personal equipment like bed linen and towels, equipment for the kitchen like dishes, pots, etc.





Please find enclosed our rental conditions:



The minimum rental time is 7 days, 14 days in the main season.

After confirmation of booking we'll require a commission of 50 % of the rental price. The rest of the rental price as well as the deposit we'll be charged 14 days before the beginning of the rental.


Take over  and return times

Take over of the camper:   Mo – Sa 14:00 – 17:00 o'clock

Return of the caravan:  :    Mo – Sa 08:00  – 10:00 o'clock


For these standard times the take-over and the return day count as a half day each.


You can also choose other times, "Early Bird". Take over from 09:00 o'clock, return until 17:00 o'clock.  For these "Early Bird" times the take-over and the return day count as one day each.



Equipment of our campers:

Bedclothes, towels, dishes, cutlery and pots are not included in our vehicles. If you need some equipment, it is possible to rent / buy  these things from us. You'll find the details here:  

-> Zubuchbar




A deposit of 1.200,00 € is required for the camper. This desposit can be paid in cash while taking over the vehicle, or via bank transfer in advance. You have also the possibility to pay the deposit via credit card, so that the amount is only reserved on your credit card, and not charged. When you'll return the camper in a proper condition, we'll refund you the completely deposit. 



All vehicles have an insurance for public liability and physical damage insurance. In the case of a damage a deterrent fee of 1.000,00 € will be charged. If you conclude a Camper-travel insurance, the deterrent fee will be reduced to 250,00 €. (The deposit however is 1.000,00 €).

Damages, which were caused by the renter and are not covered by the physical damage insurance, have to be paid by the renter.




This insurance contains the following:

- Insurance of deposit (reduction of the deposit to 250.00 €,  in the case of a physical damage

  (covered the the physical damage insurance).

- Insurance for cancellation of the journey

- Insurance for abortion of the journey

- Insurance for your luggage.



Minimum Age

Renter and driver have to be at least 23 years old, and own a valid driver's license  of class B/C (3), which exists at least 12 months.



Additional costs

We'll charge you a service fee for renting our vehicle, which contains the following:

Instructions and handing over of the vehicle, camping guide, adapter cable, cable drum, toilet chemistry, 1 bottle of gas 11 kg and the outer cleaning of the vehicle. You'll receive the camper fully tanked, and have to bring it back also fully tanked. If not we'll have to charge you an additional fee of 20,00 € as well as the costs for the fuel.  Costs for highway fees, vignettes etc, have to be paid by the renter.

For a rental time for 20 days or less there are 300 km / day included. The charge for every further kilometer is 0,30 €. For a rental time of 21 days or longer all kilometers are included.




You'll receive the vehicle in a good condition, inner- and outer cleaned extensively. The vehicle must be cleared and cleaned inside when returning it. A inner cleaning from our side is possible against a fee. The wastetank as well as the toilet cassette must be empty, otherwise a fee of 100,00 € will be charged.


We'll do the outer cleaning of the camper. If the vehicle is strongly polluted, additional cleaning costs could be possible.




For cancellation there are the following cancellation costs:


Date of contract  - 61.before 1. rental day                  = 50 €

60. day  - 31. day before 1. rental day                         30 % of the rental price

30. day  - 15. day before 1. rental day                         50 % of the rental price

14. day  - 1. rental day                                                 90 % of the rental price



Smoking is not allowed in our campers.

Pets on demand.

A careful handling with our vehicles is obligatary.